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Make money with movies. Easy way to $10 a day.

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Making money online is hard
That is why I made a guide.
If you have no idea where to start, hate clicking away for pennies, this is a solid way to get some revenue going your way.
The guide futures a step by step process to make sure you know what to do.

The end goal of this guide is to get you started with a good way to earn money, and a clear idea on what to do to make some spare cash passively. This is not a way to get rich, but it can definitely start paying your rent.

Requirements of this guide.

  • You need a desktop computer (to do multiple tasks at once to maximize earnings)
  • Stable, unlimited internet connection.
  • Time

1. Getting ready for the job.

Before we start you need a few accounts that you can acquire for free.
First thing you will need is an account on various streaming sites, you need those accounts later to gather the movies.

The best sites that are lack with copyright strikes are the following:

(Use a separate email to sign up with these sites)

gorillavid.in One of the older websites in streaming business. Recommended for start.
https://daclips.in (Minimum withdrawal $50)
https://movpod.in (Minimum withdrawal $50)
https://openload.co (minimum withdrawal $20)

Make an account on any of the above sites, you can sign up for more if you want and have a fast internet connection.

2. Finding movies, upload, and getting the links.

First you need some movies that are in hot demand.
Find "copyright free" movies and download them. I am suggesting copyright free movies, but at your own risk you can use copyrighted material for way better earnings.

When you have the movies, upload them to all the streaming sites you signed up with.
After the movies are uploaded you get a bunch of links that direct to the movies you uploaded. Those links are what is going to make you cash.

3. Spreading the links so people can enjoy your movies and you can rake in the cash

Now we need to publish those links somewhere. You don't have a streamingsite, so that is not an option. We need to use other sites to spread our links. And they need to be popular, because we need thousands of views.

This is where most starters go wrong, they sign up with the wrong sites, or make their own site and get stuck promoting their failing streaming site and can not afford the hosting. Follow the guide exactly and you will be fine.

Make an account and verify email on the following websites to publish your movies:

  1. https://www.seriestop.online
  2. https://movie4k.org
  3. http://www.primewire.is
  4. https://watch-series.io

After you have signed up on the sites above you probably have to do some interaction with the community so they can verify you are an actual user and not a spammer.
Sign up with all of them at once so you don't have to wait a long time to get the links going. Some require you to report dead links, others to rate or place comments. All fairly easy stuff. At most this should take you a day or two.

After you have done the unthankful job of reporting dead links and liking and writing comments you will gain abilities to post links. That is what you want. Post links to your liking, but make sure you videos are good quality and correct. Do not post Star wars in Startrek because they will ban you pretty fast.

A few tips:
-Use a separate email to do all these things, it can get messy quickly with all the spam streaming sites send out.

-Sometimes you can copy videos from other users.
What I mean with that is that if someone uploaded a video on Gorillavid, you can "copy" the video to your own account, and get a new link. With that you can easily get new videos and post them on streaming sites.

- IMDB top 250 is a good place to start if you don't know what movies to upload.
Series are always a hot item. Check what new shows are coming out on Netflix.
Set reminders in your calendar on new release dates for seasons to be the first.
As before, don't upload what you don't own.

- Use filezilla to upload and download videos fast from video providers.


This is an easy way to make money and one of the better ways to get started in the beermoney world if you have no redeemable qualities. I personally make around 8 to 9 bucks a day passively on around 20 links of stuff people want to click and watch.
if you scale this you can earn a pretty good sum of cash.

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