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In 2013 Famebit came into existence with the primary goal of connecting name brands to YouTube channels influencers. The company is an influencer marketing platform that saw the opportunity to help YouTube channels connect with big brand names to spread the word.

When the company first opened up, it was the time that large brands were starting to invest real money into their online marketing programs. The large companies understood if they were to make it in this new digital world they would need to rethink their digital marketing efforts. Famebit gave these companies the opportunity to post their campaigns on a video network and select the channels they wanted to use. In less than a year Famebit has 1000 branded videos already on YouTube channels.

In 2016 the company was bought out by Google. The company was only 3 years old when Google saw the possibilities and the opportunity to buy them out. When this happened, it seemed like the company took a step backward in their software development and no longer support Instagram.

How Does This Work?

  • The site is free to join and there are no monthly fees.
  • The marketers, anyone can create an account.
  • As a creator, you must meet the requirements set forth by the company. You’ll only be able to open an account and advertise on your channel if you have 5000 or more followers. This is the top requirement for creators.
  • Famebit earns their income when a brand chooses a creator. The brand pays the site and they recover 10% of the payment as fees for introducing the brands to creators.
  • The creator and the brand work together to determine the fee the brand will pay the creator. Once the fee is set the brand deposits the funds to their account.
  • If the agreed price for the creator is $100, the brand must deposit $110 into their account. Afterward, the creator will earn $90 when the job has been completed.
  • The company relies heavily on creators finding brands and not the other way around. It is basically the creator who brings the brands to the site and the site doesn’t have a large database of influencers for brands to choose from.
  • The influencers must reach 1000 views as a minimum requirement for the site. This seems a bit strange considering that a creator must have 5000 followers on their channel before they can join.
  • The site only has 5 different categories a marketer or creator can choose from. However, there is one option on the site called “other”. That means that this can handle the other categories that aren’t listed on the site.
  • The search function on the site only lists the creators by their stats and not by their channels.
  • You will never be able to find a creator with a big following on Instagram because this platform doesn’t support Instagram.
  • When a creator is working with a marketer, they can mention they have a large following on Instagram and make a proposal to the marketer to add the video to their Instagram account.

This is a great platform to join if you can meet the criteria of 5000 followers. Once you’ve accepted a contract and the funds are deposited into the account for the marketer, you can start working immediately. When the contract is fulfilled, you’ll be able to withdraw your money from your account.

Has anyone ever signed up for Famebit? How do you like working there? Is this a good way to make money with your YouTube channel. I’d love to hear how you like Famebit and if you’ve earned a good amount of revenue with this platform. I understand it is a bit difficult to use because you will basically need to find the marketers to work with and deal with them directly.

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